Lebanon NJ Custom Lighting Design

Custom Lighting Design for Your Lebanon, NJ Home

Your home is an expression of your lifestyle, an investment that shouldn’t be hidden in shadows. Our Lebanon, NJ custom lighting specialists can design and install interior and exterior lighting that will enhance your home’s natural beauty. The right custom lighting design will add to your home’s value and curb appeal.

Aesthetically Pleasing Custom Lighting Solutions

You’ve gone to great efforts to design and decorate your home to reflect your individuality. And now is the time to shed some light on your décor. Don’t let decisions about lamp placement or unsightly electrical cords mar your efforts. Meet with our Lebanon, NJ custom lighting design specialists to explore various options to meet your interior lighting needs, including recessed lighting. Once you choose the lighting style that fits your home, our experienced electricians will wire and install your lighting safely, quickly, and efficiently.

Additional Safety and Security

Properly designed outdoor lighting adds an aesthetic element to your home and increases the safety and security of your property. Our exterior lighting designs will eliminate shadows and dark corners where intruders can lurk and illuminate pathways, patios, and decks so these areas can be enjoyed safely by you and your guests. We install driveway lights to guide you and visitors safely to your door, patio and deck lighting that allows you to extend your living space beyond the walls of your home, and other lighting designs that highlight your garden, waterfall, or other special features of your property.

Energy Conserving Custom Lighting Options

Don’t forget to ask about our additional lighting features. We can install motion sensors that turn lights on only when needed and timers that allow you to customize settings for your indoor and outdoor lights to let others think you are home even when you are away. Both features can help conserve energy and deter intruders from choosing your property.

Our Lebanon, NJ Custom Lighting Design Services

Our master electricians can design and install various indoor and outdoor lighting solutions for your Lebanon, NJ property including:

  • Architectural lighting for emphasizing the details of your home and outbuildings
  • Landscape lighting for highlighting the gardens, trees and foliage surrounding your home
  • Path and patio lighting for increasing safety for you and your guests
  • Recessed lighting for providing a streamlined, modern appearance
  • Water feature lighting for illuminating your swimming pool, waterfall and other water elements included in your landscape design.

We also install deck lighting, floodlights, and security lighting for extra safety.

An important but often neglected detail is the home’s electrical panels. Our professional electricians inspect and upgrade your electrical panels to ensure all your lighting, appliances and devices function safely.

Our Lebanon, NJ custom lighting design services enable you to enjoy your home and surrounding property day and night all year long. Contact High Quality Electric for more details and to get your custom lighting project started!

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