NJ Commercial Electrician Services

NJ Commercial Electrician Services – Contractor

Commercial electrician services are our speciality. We provide commercial electrician services for office buildings, stores and shopping centers that include:

  • Building Rewiring
  • Surge Protector Systems
  • Building Additions and Remodeling
  • Wiring Upgrades
  • Troubleshooting Circuits
  • Code Safety Electric Inspections
  • Metering Conversions
  • Ballast and Lamp Replacements
  • Generator Stand-By System Services
Commercial electrician services used in a conference room interior lighting - High Quality Electric NJ

Electrical System Safety and Security

Properly installed and maintained commercial electrical systems can help you avoid potential accidents and damage to your business. Additionally, energy-efficiency improvements can save you money while improving your business’ efficiency and productivity. With a focus on the safety and security of your employees and customers, High Quality Electric LLC replaces faulty wiring, properly places electrical outlets and installs surge protector systems, and, if required, installs emergency, stand-by systems. Well-designed and professionally installed interior and exterior lighting solutions can increase productivity and enhance the security and safety of your employees and customers while adding ambience to your commercial space.

Protecting Your Equipment

Bobby White and his team of well-trained electricians can help you with complex wiring for your latest productivity-enhancing technology equipment or completely re-wire a building or industrial complex. We will update your electrical system to the latest code, addressing  safety issues and recommend energy-saving solutions. Don’t let improper installation of new electrical equipment or upgrades to existing electrical equipment put your business at risk for potential dangers and possible damage.

Emergency Commercial Electrician Services

Trust High Quality Electric NJ to be there fast in an electrical emergency. We understand your business’ needs so, when issues arise, you can rely on us to be accessible in your time of need – no matter how big or small the electrical or wiring problem may be.
Emergency Electricians
  No Matter How Big or Small Your Electrical Project, We’re Here for You!
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